Prison Visiting

There is a small prison here in Ibiza and each week 24-7 are able to visit the English speaking inmates to offer support.



Every Monday 5:30pm - 7:30pm

Although the prison itself is well run and resourced, the system here can be quite time consuming and confusing for someone who has been arrested and awaiting trial. It often takes a minimum of 6 months for a case to come before a court for any sentences over 2 years and during this time it can be very isolating being in prison in a foreign country.

Each week we visit the prison to be a listening ear and also practical support. Sometimes people have been arrested and their belongings are still in a hotel or apartment. We can assist by collecting these belongings and taking certain items into the prison. We can be a contact for family back home in the UK and also liaise with the British consulate if needed.

If you know someone who is in prison and you need some assistance then please use the contact form on the main page



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