Sa Peña

This year we have started a new expression of the work of 24-7 Ibiza in an area of the main town of Ibiza, called Sa Pena

For many years, teams have stood at the top of Dalt Villa and prayed over the whole of Ibiza town, for God to bless it and pray for its future. Whenever you look out over the beautiful harbour, with its multi million pound boats and apartments, you cant help but notice an area in front of the walls which seems to be forgotten about. In-fact this is how it was referred to by a local paper many years ago. We would often pray over this place as well, that God would bless the people there and that they would know the richness of God.

Danny and Lydie felt stirred to come over to Ibiza and start a new expression of our work near to Sa Pena, being a place of prayer, mission and justice to all in the surrounding areas. Sa Pena is very much on their hearts and over the coming months will be praying in and around this area. 

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