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You will often hear us refer to ourselves as the 24-7 Ibiza community. 

Community is a big word, that can mean all sorts of things.

We would name something a community which is held together by common shared values; a commitment to the vision of the community, a commitment to each other and practices that are found throughout.

We would be such a community. So what are we about? What is our vision?

The vision is Jesus. Unashamedley and undeniably, Jesus. And making Him know here in Ibiza

Our commitment is that We are called to love God, to love each other and love the world.

We may spend different amounts of time in different places, our way of expressing this may look different, but we share the same values and commitments to each other.

The practices that found in all we do are:


We love to pray. We genuinely believe that it makes a difference. Whether it is a prayer walk around Ibiza town, or a monthly 24 hours of prayer in our centre in San Antonio, we believe it makes a difference. And we love to pray for people and with people, in cafes and on the street, in our kitchen and in our lounges. For us prayer is not a religious commandment but an opportunity to engage with God and enable others to do the same, to get to know God and for us to allow him to know us. 


Our prayer life is not disconnected from the life we live. It is connected to all we do. We believe in being involved, not just praying from a distance, but putting ourselves in the centre of what we are praying about. The genuine prayers of our heart are the ones that often mean that we find ourselves right in the middle of them. You will find us helping people home in the summer when the night has got a bit messy, welcoming all into our workers centre, giving out gifts in clubs and on the beaches. You will find us in local cafes, involved in local ways of life, and committed to the people that live in our streets. God is a missional God - he gets involved, he is present in our lives.


We believe in standing up for the oppressed, the downtrodden, standing in the gap for those that do not have anyone to do it for them. We get involved in areas that are unjust and put our reputations on the line so that others may regain theirs. You will find us visiting in prisons, getting involved in social justice issues, speaking and writing about things that need to be heard, and becoming friends with those that others may want to keep at an arms length. One of the biggest accusation thrown at Jesus was that he couldn't be 'religious' because he was friends with those deemed to be worst people in society. He was very comfortable with that accusation.


We love to have people around our tables, eating, laughing and sharing together. Our lives are shared - they have plenty of room for other people to be part of it. We host, we receive visitors, we allow others to take a seat in our lives and share with us. We also want to be generous, with our time, with our money, with our talents and gifting's. We seek for our lives to be an overflow of what we have received so that others can also receive.


We love to celebrate the creativity of God and enjoy what he has made. You will find us capturing photos, going on walks, clapping the sunset, celebrating the talents and gifting's of others, drawing attention to the beauty of God in all places. God is very creative - just look around you - and he has put that expression in us. We celebrate how each other are different, and we draw out the gifts that God has given.


And we love to learn together, to grow together, to understand more about Jesus together. We read books together, we share what we have learned together, we explore the bible together and what we can learn from each other...... We want to change, we love to learn and this is done best when walking together.

So whether you meet our community in a cafe in Ibiza town, or bump into one of us in the streets of San - or chat to one of our teams in the summer, this is the vision that is burning beneath the surface, the values that bind us together, the practices that you will encounter.

We are the #community of 24-7 Ibiza

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