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Van Night

Tonight was van night; all was quiet on the phone until about 1.30am, when the first call came in...


'There is a girl who has overdosed...on anti-hystemines'...and off we went, not sure of what to expect! Leanne was coping marvelously, and after a little persuasion from Rach and Poppy, she agreed to hop in the van and go to the medical centre. To go or not to go - that is often the question for those who have forgotten to bring their E111 card to Ibiza - the thought of paying out your saved up spending money is a tough one, especially if you can rationalise away your need for medical care. But ultimately, friends, or the fear of a worsened situation in time, often persuade the person round. The staff at the medical centre are wonderful - I have grown a real respect for all that they do, and appreciate their kindness and understanding towards us, especially when we bring in a steady flow of Brits who aren't always sweetness and light. They speak slowly so my broken Spanish can understand and translate to the person in question. I am so grateful for the good relationship with them..we certainly see a lot of each other!

Once Leanne had been treated and dropped back at her hotel, we began to make our way home, when the next call came in...

A drunk girl outside the bar who needs taking home' - Poppy and Rach headed off to find her and begin working out where she was staying; I headed to the centre to restock on some first aid supplies. En route, I was called over to a group of girls, one of whom had fallen off her chair and smashed her arm on the floor, resulting in a huge lump. Kelly was drunk enough to not be in agony, but I could see she was in some severe discomfort, despite her protesting.

One of the most frustrating things about van night is having a load of calls, and not being able to respond to them straight away. I told the group of girls (most of whom were sober) to head back to their hotel and I would collect them as soon as I could. Delivering the supplies to Rach and Poppy, I could see that they were going to be a while, so headed off to the hotel to collect Kelly and her friends, and take her to the medical centre. On arrival, as we walked into the reception area, I stopped abruptly as the glass door didn't open - a new installment to provide extra security, in needing to be allowed in by reception, rather than walking straight through...probably a wise precaution for the season ahead! As I'd anticipated, Kelly was needing an X-Ray - which means a trip to the main hospital, and a fair sum of Euros to cover the treatment, as she also had no E111. A willing friend provided the cash, and the four of them were whisked off in a taxi to get her sorted.

Phoning Poppy, to find out where they were up to, they asked me to facebook search this girl's name to see if we could find out more about where she was joy. Then came the words that made my techno-phobic heart sink...'Can you check her twitter account? Her password is...' My hands began to sweat as I google-searched twitter, trying to sound competent, but struggling to navigate the homepage. I never thought my lack of social media knowledge would fail me so spectacularly - I couldn't even work out how to log in! Arriving at the scene, Poppy took the phone and mastered the twitter instantly, accessing all the information about where this girl was turns out she is a glamour model, staying in a villa in the countryside, fortunately not too far away, and she spent most of the journey telling Rach how much she wanted to cuddle her.

Eventually, we got her home, and began to head back towards San An - the West End is definitely getting busier, and it really feels like we are fully in the season now. A night of interesting people and interesting situations, but a good one!


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