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12 Hours of Prayer

My Dad is a pastor, and I remember as a child, often seeing him work late into the night, preparing sermons, reading, praying, thinking.


Sometimes if I couldn’t sleep, I’d potter downstairs and have some toast with him, chatting about why I couldn’t sleep, or what he was reading about. For me, these were very special times.

I have been awake since 4am, and it is now 7.57am. Restless, lots to think about, in need of the quietness and head space of the night, I am beginning to understand experiencially why my Dad would so often spend the small hours of the night thinking and reading. I also think I have inherited some of his disposition to not get much sleep…

If you looked at my diary, the last few weeks have been quiet. If you dared peek inside my head, you would know otherwise. There seems to have been a lot to think about, to process, to pray about, to discern. The season is behind us, the resting has been done, and Christmas is almost upon us.

We are at a real landmark in our journey with 24-7 Ibiza. The transition is well and truly behind us; the adaptation to life here has happened. We are about to triple our core community in the space of about 5 weeks, and there is a sense that God is leading us to explore again what it means to be a prayerful community here in Ibiza.

Last week, as I was reading and thinking about being an all-year round community, I felt God speak to me about not regurgitating what we know, but to pursue something authentic, context-appropriate, and obedient here. This would not be a knee-jerk from the past, neither a random case-load of activity, for the sake of being ‘innovative’. It is a call to explore what it means to be the people of God in the context which we are in. And what that really means and looks like, all year round, has been the source of the peaks of peace and the troughs of chaos in my mind, for the last few weeks.

We feel like this week we have gained a lot of clarity; a sense of refreshed vision and calling. We know that the Smiths and the Hampsons will really bring the life and companionship to pursue and discern this with us. And we really need it. We feel reminded of what we are here to do, and compelled to stick closely to that calling.

So why am I still waking up in the small hours?

This stuff really matters to us. We cannot drift through repeating things that feel comfortable and familiar; and unless God builds this, we build pointlessly. We must try to hear clearly, be brave enough to leap out into new rhythms of life and new directions, and make every effort possible to be Biblical and obedient to Jesus.

And I feel a challenge to be a woman of faith, to make decisions and take steps of faith now, despite having no guarantee of any outcome; to live, pray and trust that God who has promised will be faithful. That in itself, is enough to see in the sunrise.


Abby x

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