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Lots of Little Steps

This week has felt more peaceful in the West End – not just the number we have helped – there seems to be less people on the street.


In many ways I enjoy the less crazy nights more, as we get to spend more time chatting to people, catching up with PRs, praying with people. But I also am conscious of the bar owners, managers and PRs for whom the slow-paced night must be harder work, with frustration and pressure to make money.

We currently have our third Short Term Team out, who are mostly from the London area but for one or two; a team of 8, they have flung themselves into the nocturnal rhythm and the night work with real enthusiasm. I’m excited for what these next few weeks will bring!

Tonight has been brilliant – it felt like we had lots of little moments of connection with lots of different people – lots of conversation. When Hannah and I were out one hour, we began praying for people’s friendships, that they would be strong and sustained…we then started chatting to two lads who were working together, and in so much of what they said, demonstrated real solid friendship and genuine concern for each other’s well-being. At other moments in the night, friends would stick with mates in need of help; a real answer to prayer.

Another beautiful moment for me was meeting someone who is working in Ibiza for a few weeks, and is going back because he has a girlfriend at home. He then told me how he had been loyal to her all the time he had been here, and planned to continue to be throughout his stay. I shook his hand – so good to meet a guy who is so forth-coming about being committed to a relationship at home! I find that that is certainly not always the case here…apparently ‘what happen’s in Ibiza stays in Ibiza’…I’m just not sure that it ever does.

I’ve felt really challenged lately to not grow comfortable in what we do – to really push into what God is saying in the prayer room, and to keep taking steps of faith on the streets, regardless of how seemingly small they may seem. It is all too easy to switch off as the nights wind on, or as tiredness begins to creep in.  I don’t want to settle into hum-drum; I never want to start assuming what God might want to do, or more worryingly, what He might want me to do! As someone prayed tonight, God is the God of the ridiculous, and I hope I will always be willing to act on His promptings to do something seemingly ridiculously risky or creative or bold or seemingly insignificant, as and when He wants me to. I don’t want to grow tame. We cannot stay where we have been. We have got to go deeper.

Abby x


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