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This Place is no Hell Hole

San Antonio, and specifically the West End, has been the focus of a lot of media attention over the last few weeks.


I think we had an email every day from one journalist or another, trying to find out information on the realities of the West End…honestly, the West End is no more dangerous than anywhere else really, and if you want to know the ‘hard hitting realities’ of this place, then come and visit our prayer room, have a long, hard look at the wall, and gather your conclusions there.

Actually, in the last two weeks we have seen an out-pouring, an abundance of God’s kindness on these streets. We have prayed with more people and seen more people receive Scripture in the last two weeks than we have all season. There is a sense of break through at the moment, and immense blessing.  We have received barely any calls for help, which for mid-August, is unusual, and feels strange. Chatting about this with the last team, one member was trying to understand why there had been so little request for practical help…the only response I can give is that – this is what it looks like when the Kingdom of God advances. As much as we love helping people to safety, and honouring Jesus in that way, there is something exciting when the main thing we do really is prayer.

Months before the season started, I felt God saying that this season was to be one where lots of people had encounters with Jesus for themselves, rather than leaning on the experience or encounter of anyone else. These last two weeks have felt like the fulfillment of that, as so many of those we chat to every hour of the night have been hungry and keen to understand about prayer, how to pray, why Jesus loves Ibiza, and how to know more. There have been some incredibly sacred moments, and so many of us have been left speechless, returning to the prayer room to give thanks to God. My prayer is that this continues for the rest of the season. So many aspects of what happens here will never reach a blog, and rightly so – but I will say that there have been some moments on the West End that I have been praying and waiting for all season, that in the last week or so, have finally happened. And this stuff is significant.

Please don’t read this and assume that it’s always easy; the whole team is living on a nocturnal rhythm, and we are tired. The heat is intense and draining. Some of the team have been quite unwell over the last few weeks, and we have had some challenging circumstances to contend with. I think in all of this God continues to form the ‘forehead of flint’ in our team that continues to bash away in prayer, and plod on through short nights and hot days, believing that the Kingdom of God is being established here, and practicing gratitude in all circumstances. We also make a lot of time to hang out and have a laugh, go to fancy dress parties and watch sunsets.

Two weeks ago, as I was preparing to go out to the West End, I felt like God whispered ‘Are you ready to advance my kingdom tonight?’. My answer is Yes God, always Yes.

Don’t believe everything you read in the papers. This place is no ‘hell-hole’ – this is the place that Jesus loves (and I’ve got a Bible and a testimony to prove it).


Abby x


Photo by Ben Sutherland / CC BY / original cropped

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