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And its begun!

The West End has once again flung open it’s doors to the workers and tourists arriving to enjoy and indulge in all that Ibiza has to offer


We went out for our first night on May 1st – the six of us donning our 24-7 Ibiza hoodies, staring at a blank prayer wall and clocking the few bars that were open. The streets were fairly busy for early season, but with quite a few of the bars shut, it felt very much transitional from winter to summer still. It was SO lovely to bump into some old friends from seasons before, and to reawaken the ‘breathing in God and then breathing Him out’ rhythm that sustains us through the night.

In the last few weeks we have had the prayer team come out and join us for 5 days of praying and dreaming for the coming season. They were hugely encouraging and keenly interested in all that the 24-7 Ibiza team would be doing this season. I find the prayer team a key week in focusing my mind on the coming season, and to listen to what God is saying for the following few months. Even retelling stories from the previous year reminds me of how faithful God has been and how He has provided comprehensively for every need, which reminds me to pray with faith and expectation for the coming season.

Poppy and Becky arrived in time to start the season with us, and it is lovely to start building and gathering our team for this year. It is a real privilege to have so many people give up their time and money to join us on team, and we are so grateful for how good God has been in providing such a full team this year!! Having Aaron and Aimee here to come alongside us in San An is such a blessing and a relief – to have two permanent, competent, godly people who are also such dear friends. As we enter this season, I feel little sense of apprehension or being overwhelmed at the prospect of the months – we are arriving at a more balanced place, which has felt a long time coming but I’m glad we are getting there.

Someone asked me recently what my dreams were for this season…a question that has remained with me. I have many dreams for San An, for the West End, and for our teams. I have many dreams for what this new all year round community could be. But when you get to the root of it all, my dream for this season would be summed up in the familiar words of the Lord’s prayer…’Your Kingdom come, Your will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven’. I’d love you to join in praying that with me for this season, and I’ll try to capture some of how that happens (because we know it will, in part!) on this blog, over the coming months.


Abby x

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