Liz Slinn
Post by On 29 March 2017
We’re so excited that the 24-7 Ibiza team will be expanding yet again with the addition of the Delport family who are set to arrive…
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Post by On 02 March 2017
We're so excited that the Slinn family, Dave, Liz, and their children, Tilly and Seb, will be moving to Ibiza this April. Dave and Liz…
Post by On 17 February 2017
Winter season After our move over to Ibiza in November we have received incredible welcome and kindness from the local Ibiza community and friends. God…
Post by On 18 June 2016
We are now 6 weeks into the new season here in Ibiza and we are seeing some incredible things happening as God works in the…
Post by On 23 May 2016
This song by Mike Posner is now quite a big tune, but surprisingly; I haven’t heard it in Ibiza yet. Have you ever heard the…
Post by On 24 November 2015
The end of summer 2015 marked our 4th season here in Ibiza and the end of our initial 3 ½ year commitment to lead the…
Post by On 30 May 2015
Tonight begins the second week of the season here in San An. The centre has been open and the team has been strolling around
Post by On 31 May 2015
As Charlie came in from the night at 7am this morning, Solomon woke up and began his day. Sensing that Charlie probably
Post by On 24 January 2015
You will often hear us refer to ourselves as the 24-7 Ibiza community. Community is a big word, that can mean all sorts of things.
Post by On 09 October 2014
Well here it is. The end of the season. Our body clocks are shot, our bodies are aching - but oh what a season it…
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