The six practices common to all communities are the practical ways in which we seek to express our core values.

We practice love for God through prayer and creativity

We practice love for one another through hospitality and justice

We practice love for the world through evangelism and learning

//Prayer & Worship: All Boiler Rooms seek to love God with a heartbeat of prayer and worship. Everything flows out from prayer and back into God's presence too. We value 'all kinds of prayers on all occasions' including adoration, petition, intercession, contemplation and spiritual warfare. Some Boiler Rooms are called to pray continually, night-and-day, while others pursue a rhythm of prayer through the week.

//Creativity: All Boiler Rooms seek to love God by celebrating his creativity in all we do. We nurture generous imaginations and cultivate artistic expressions of prayer and worship through art, sculpture, cooking, music, poetry, dance, fun and a celebratory lifestyle.

//Justice and Mercy: All Boiler Rooms seek to love people through lifestyles of justice and mercy, engaging with the needs of the poor, speaking up for the oppressed and fighting the structures of sin.

//Hospitality: All Boiler Rooms seek to love people through hospitality, welcoming strangers into our lives and homes, sharing meals are nurturing friendships across boundaries of race and culture.

//Evangelism: All Boiler Rooms seek to love the world by actively sharing the good news of Jesus with those who have not yet received him, through the incarnation and verbal proclamation.?

//Learning: All Boiler Rooms seek to love the world through training and discipleship, so that we continually grow in faith, in life, in wisdom and in effectiveness.

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