24-7 Ibiza have been working in Ibiza for over 14 years beginning when a group of club loving Christians arrived on the island to explore prayer and mission here.

It all started around the year 2000 when the door was opened for 24-7 prayer to send a team to the Island to pray, dance, celebrate, be creative and explore what prayer and mission looked like in one of the party capitals of the world.

For 5 years teams would come every season, continue to add to the work each summer and going back to normal pace of life in the in the winter.

Below is a channel 4 documentary called God Bless Ibiza, which followed the early teams while they explored clubbing and praying in San Antonio.

The teams realised that for the work to be sustainable there needed to be an all year round presence on the island, for relationships to be built and for the work to be rooted in an all year round community. In 2004, Brian and Tracy Heasley and their two sons heeded this call and came to the island to set up a permanent base, and develop the work in the West End. They stayed for 7 years, leaving behind an established work in the West End, San Antonio.

Below is a video from early on in their journey in Ibiza

Brian and Tracy left the island in mid 2012 and handed over the work to Charlie and Abby, who currently oversee the work on the island. The hope is to build an all year round community that not only is available during the summer season but is part of the life of the community in the winter season also.

Below is the latest video about the work, shot in the summer of 2013

In 2014, Charlie and Abby were joined by Danny, Lydie and Asha is Sa Penya. One expression of 24-7 Ibiza suddenly became two and we now go on the journey of further establishing community life here.



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