Who are we?

24-7 Ibiza is part of 24-7 Prayer International, a movement committed to the values of prayer, mission and justice.

24-7 Ibiza is a registered ONG (non-profit), and we have been on the island for around 12 years; predominantly known for our work in the West End, San Antonio. With teams of volunteers who come for the summer, we respond to the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of the community. This involves helping people to a safer place (hotel, medical centre etc) at night time when things have got a bit messy and providing a centre for seasonal workers to use our resources and be a place of practical and emotional support, alongside offering prayer for those that want it.

We are also a community of people who live on the island all year round together expressing the values of prayer, mission, justice, hospitality, creativity and learning. We want to be a community that is welcoming to others, a community where we can learn together about Jesus, and grow together as people. 


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